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A Martial Arts Learning Center

Martial Arts • Fitness • Family


Our Offerings


Martial Arts On The Move

Martial Arts on the Move is a traveling dojo program conveniently located at your child’s school.  Lessons teach all the valuable lessons and philosophies of the art.


West Coast Martial Arts Studio

West Coast teaches a well-rounded curriculum with a variety of styles of Martial Arts. We offer a variety of classes for children and adults alike. 


Intuition Seminars

INTUITION is a Safety School designed to teach children to protect themselves, when we aren’t there to protect them. INTUITION covers Stranger Danger, bully prevention and more. 


Master Matilda Seminars

Master Matilda's Traveling Dojo is a concept Denice created during her safety school seminars. Master Matilda is an excellent learning tool for your school or location. 


Why Choose Us?

We believe 110% in family values and creating a strong, unified family unit. Students at WCMAM are part of a family, and unite as a team to make a positive difference in our community and in our world.


Our Mission

To create a positive and accepting “home away from home”, a Martial Arts Learning Center, where our WCMAM Family learn and practice much more than just Martial Arts and unite as a team respecting and supporting one another and strengthening our community.

To partner with parents and schools in guiding our students to live and abide by the WCMAM Student Oath, leading by example, and honoring the commitment of being a Martial Artist in uniform and out.

To build character and confidence by providing individual attention and recognizing each and every students’ needs in order to build on one’s strengths and improve on one’s weaknesses and ultimately achieve our goals.


Focus, Self-Control, Discipline

Join our Martial Arts Family and commit to training that will develop you as an individual physically, mentally, spiritually and with good character!


For Students

Please see Studio office to complete HONOR AGREEMENT and receive private, student passwords!


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