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Safety School Seminars

INTUITION is a Safety School designed to teach children to protect themselves, when we (their protectors) aren’t there to protect them. Conceptualized by Denice Challender-Slater, INTUITION covers all aspects of safety important for children to know. Using her Martial Arts experience, Denice teaches Stranger Danger and Bully Prevention to help kids feel confident in their ability to defend themselves in dangerous situations, but INTUITION goes beyond the standard lessons and teaches children to see danger, before danger sees them. Intuition teaches children to “tune in” and listen to their heart to recognize potentially threatening situations. By helping children become aware of themselves and their surroundings, INTUITION attempts empowers our kids to prevent situations where they would be forced to protect themselves by using their “Martial Smarts.” INTUITION is NOT a fear based program and we remind everyone, “Don’t be scared, be prepared.”

INTUITION focuses on every conceivable danger to children from Sibling Safety and learning to take a “cool down” to avoid confrontation, to Dog Safety and learning the ways dogs, and other animals, communicate their discomfort, anger or fear, from a top dog trainer! Intuition covers basic fire, water, and natural disaster emergency preparedness, as well as various aspects of day-to-day safety. Using past experiences, Denice and her instructors help prepare children for all possibilities in the world we live in. Schedule your INTUITION seminar today! Email us at or call 775.786.KICK(5425).

Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment Seminars:


Denice is passionate about sharing her story on overcoming challenges and obstacles and teaching women to be strong and fearless in today’s world. Interested in encouraging gender diversity in your business? Is female empowerment a topic you want to encourage within your industry? Email Denice directly at to book a seminar for your business.

Seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of you and your business or event.