More than Just a Martial Arts Studio


About Us

West Coast Martial Arts, Reno aims to create a positive and accepting “home away from home”, a Martial Arts Learning Center, where our Martial Arts Family learn and practice much more than just self-defense and fitness and unite as a team respecting and supporting one another and strengthening our community.

We partner with parents and schools in guiding our students to live and abide by our student oath that places honesty and integrity as the highest priorities, leading by example, and honoring the commitment of being a Martial Artist in uniform and out.

West Coast Martial Arts, Reno builds character and confidence in our students by providing individual attention and recognizing each and every students’ needs in order to build on his/her strengths and improve on his/her weaknesses to ultimately achieve our goals.

We believe 110% in family values and creating a strong, unified family unit. Students at WCMAM are part of a family, and unite as a team to make a positive difference in our community and in our world.

Family & Community

West Coast Martial Arts Reno, home of Martial Arts on the Move, is more than just another studio, it’s a Family. The students, instructors and staff  work together to support each other in good times and bad, and encourage one another to push ourselves over the next level of personal and professional growth, from overcoming a tragedy or celebrating a victory, to waking up early for fitness or staying on-track for that big project at work. This environment helps make WCMAM unique, and enables students to remain on a constant path of self-improvement, knowing their Family will be there with them.

In addition, we are dedicated to reaching out and supporting the Reno Community. By participating in events such as Safety Fairs, class visits, and special events all around Reno, West Coast Martial Arts on the Move reaches out to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn the skills necessary in remaining safe in all aspects of life. We believe that, as a local business and members of the community, we have not only the opportunity, but the responsibility to lead our community in making good decisions and always remaining responsible, using self-control, and above all, being SAFE!



Student Oath



KJN Denice Challender-Slater, a Reno local, has been training and teaching Martial Arts for almost 25 years! Her roots are with the West Coast World Martial Arts Association and Grand Masters KJN Ernie Reyes, Sr. and KJN Tony Thompson. Dedicating her life to being a Martial Artist, inside and out, she opened Martial Arts on the Move, Inc. in1997. Her goal was to provide a safe, fun, and exciting environment for children throughout the community to learn how to not be scared, be prepared! Now a 5th degree black belt, KJN Denice has remained adamant in her agenda of protecting children, and has expanded her curriculum with an entire Safety School she calls INTUITION.  The mission of Intuition is to “teach our children to protect themselves, when we are not able to protect them.”