Martial Art Programs


Ninja Turtles

3-7 Years Old

Our Ninja Turtle program is a special program for children from ages 3 – 7 years old. Our Ninja Turtles can be distinguished by their camo-belts and follow modified curriculum designed to help even the youngest ninjas learn to be safe and disciplined. As in our Kids program, we work hard to collaborate with parents and make sure each Ninja Turtle receives the most benefit from our lessons, and we encourage parents to use us as a reliable resource to reinforce helpful life lessons our children need.


Kids Martial Arts Classes

8+ Kids

Our Kids program is designed for children 8 years old and up. Once students enter this program, they are on the main belt system and learn the regular curriculum. We encourage our children to be Martial Artists in uniform and out, and are dedicated to joining with parents and teachers to reinforce these ideals. We require students to receive teacher and parent approval before testing, and desire to help students improve on their internal weaknesses and struggles, from self-control and appropriate ways to channel emotion, to being respectful and learning to be a first-time listener.


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Our Adults program is designed not only for adults already involved in Martial Arts to continue their training, but also for adults looking to begin their Martial Arts education. With small class sizes, our adults have the opportunity for personal attention from the instructor, allowing them to potentially advance faster. Students in the adult program can train in the Family classes or in CQC at no additional cost!  We also offer adult ONLY day class options Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am and Monday & Wednesday evenings at 645pm.


Family Martial Arts Classes

We believe a "family that kicks together, sticks together!" For families with limited schedules, or who enjoy participating in activities together, our family classes are ideal. This program allows parents to train with their children (ages 8+), and siblings to train with each other, at one time. Everyone is welcome to come to these family classes, where we focus on maintaining a safe and friendly environment for students to practice and learn together.

Leadership Program - Black Belt Club Members Blue Belts and Above

Black Belt is the GOAL!  Black Belt Club Members who have committed to reaching their goal of BLACK BELT have the opportunity to become a member of our LEADERSHIP TEAM at Blue Belt Level (some extraordinary students are invited at Purple Belt).  LEADERSHIP TEAM members learn how to bow in classes and help teach students, lead groups of their peers, build confidence to perform and speak in front of crowds of people and become leaders in their school, neighborhood, and community. These students earn the honor of becoming "staff" with their picture on our website and staff picture wall, attend staff events and boot camps, and build a character and strength that will serve them throughout their life.

Close Quarters Combat

Taught by Master Mikeal Smith, a four-time Hall of Fame inductee and a 7th degree black belt in CQC and PGR Self-Protection System, Close Quarter Combat is a self-defense course designed for reality-based protection.  No experience is necessary!  Our students can participate in this class for FREE every Tuesday evening 530-630pm.  Non-students can drop in anytime for only $10!


Kenpo Classes

Kenpo is a style of martial arts characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession, and involves fighting movements against a partner. Pre-registration is required, so please call or e-mail in advance before attending this class held on Monday evenings 7-9pm.

Tang Soo Do

Master Justin Bailey of Dragon's Gate Tang Soo Do runs classes out of WCMAM on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning at 7pm.  For more information about this program, please send us your contact info and we will pass it along!

Fitness Classes

The instructors and staff at WCMAM understand how hard it is to stay fit – and how easy it is to find reasons and excuses to avoid beginning the difficult journey to being healthy. We therefore offer varying degrees of fitness, for the die-hards and the just-starting-outers alike. Each fitness program provides an encouraging environment and a support system to keep the excuses away and the positivity up!

Seminars & Camps

Throughout the year, WCMAM offers various seminars and camps designed to keep students happy, healthy, and above all- SAFE! KJN Denice, owner and master instructor of West Coast Martial Arts RENO, home of Martial Arts on the Move, is dedicated to her INTUITION program. INTUITION was created by KJN Denice out of personal experience and a passion to teach our children how to protect themselves when we cannot be there to protect the.  In addition, WCMAM offers summer camps, seminars and safety lessons adaptable to each individual class. Contact us for information on setting one up at your venue!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are not included in any of our general programs, but can be given on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. Please contact your instructor for more details!